Mechanical Engineering Facilities

CNCMachine Shop:
The machine shop houses basic and advanced manufacturing machines including conventional mills, lathes, and CNC mills and lathes. Drill presses, vacuum forming, hot presses, sheet metal forming and CNC routers are available as well. In addition, large specialty machines, such as a waterjet, and several 3-D printers support advanced design and manufacturing projects.

teaching-shop-330x255Teaching Shop:
This machine shop houses six conventional mills and six conventional lathes, in addition to drill presses, hand presses, and hand tools. The teaching shop is entirely dedicated to support the teaching activities of the department, and offers labs in support of the undergraduate manufacturing courses as well as individual training of students.

SeniorDesignSpaceSenior Design Space:
This is the dedicated design space for undergraduate mechanical engineering students, and is the heart of the undergraduate design-related courses. Students have access to basic and advanced manufacturing tools to work on their design projects.



Shared Facilities

Research Laboratories